Figure skating inVärnamo

Figure skating inVärnamo

by Alin Popescu

I'm a creative that love to blend and tell the story as it happens without interfering and so, to create memories for people to cherish their entire lives.

January 19, 2020

A short story

When my eldest daughter was 4, she was attending ballet classes. She really loved it and the teacher told us she is really talented and should continue as much as possible with this activity. But we had to move from the capital city to a smaller town and she could not attend it anymore. It was our only regret for moving, but this is life.

Then she discovered piano, because she loved the classic music from ballet, and fell in love with it, and started to perform really well.

Since moving to Sweden (not more than 4 months ago) she learned from her school mates that she can attend figure skating classes at Apladalens KK – Konståkningskubb.

Then she told me there is a figure skating contest #inVärnamo she would love to see, and so we went to watch other girls of different ages perform.

She fell in love and told me:

One day I want to be like them!

DM Östra Götalands Konståkningsförbund


Unfortunatelly we couldn’t stay to the end of the show and I don’t have the final results. I have tried to check Apladalen’s Figure Skating club’s webpage, but it is not updated with the results.

Luckly I’ve posted some photos on Facebook (see the album for more photos and participants) and someone tagged Tifani, the winner of the contest and so I have discovered that my favourite of the day was also the winner.

Congrats Tifani Teszári!

contest winner Värnamo Figure Skating, January 2020

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