Apladalens Easy Basket jan 2020

Easy Basket inVarnamo

by Alin Popescu

I'm a creative that love to blend and tell the story as it happens without interfering and so, to create memories for people to cherish their entire lives.

January 25, 2020

When I was a kid I really wanted to be a basket player, a professional one. But somehow, all my efforts to become one didn’t give me the expected result. It was a haunting task to put that ball in the basket, even if I was second tallest in my class. Well, I’ve then discovered bicycles, computers and other interesting stuff to do in life than to try to put that damn ball into the basket.

But I loved to watch others playing the game, especially those damn good NBA players. 

So when my friend Jonutz called me to inform us about the Easy Basket cup taking place inVärnamo, I couldn’t say no and we’ve attended, even more because we knew his son was playing.

It was a superb atmosphere with lots of kids from different age groups and various cities in the region. They’ve played on 3 fields and what I loved most was that there was no official scoring.

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