Swimming outside at 8˚C

Swimming outside at 8˚C

Today was an open invitation by Vidösternsimmet for everyone who wanted to get wet and swim in the Prostsjön lake in Värnamo.

The weather was pretty cold (under 10 degrees) and the water even colder, but this didn’t stop swimming enthusiast to do a lap on the lake.

Warm hot tub waited for them on their return and also a heated up grill to put back the lost calories from the swim.

Open house at Kulturskolan inVärnamo

Open house at Kulturskolan inVärnamo

We knew about Kulturskolan since our first visit in Värnamo, because we’ve expressed our interest that our daughter will continue with her music adventure after we have moved to Sweden.

So we applied online to get her a spot for piano classes but we didn’t get an answer until today.

Kulturskolan open house

When Andreea came back from school and told me there is an open house during the weekend at Kulturskolan I was as happy as I could, because I knew we get to see all their classes and Andreea could try the instruments and why not, we could try to get her a spot.

So off we went and boy she tried them all: flute, trumpet, guitar, piano, double bass, drums, music production, voice singing, dance and clay modelling.

I think there is a place for every artist ar Kulturskolan.

Bonus video

I managed to sneak-capture her on video, performing Faded. For me it was a big surprise, I’ve never heard her singing this one. Maybe all the ours she spends on Youtube are worthy, in the end…

After our visit, we’ve managed to get a spot on the piano classes and also for the voice singing classes. So this visit was way better than just an email with the application. Great opportunity!

Swimming contest #inVärnamo

Swimming contest #inVärnamo

It looks like everything you need is available #inVärnamo. In less than 5 months I’ve managed to attend and photograph more sporting events than I’ve previously done in my life, so for this a big:

Thank you Värnamo, keep ‘em coming!

Last weekend I’ve attended a swimming competition, organised by the local swimming club named Värnamo Simsällskap.

Vidösternsimmet Sprint 2020

Our of all the sports I have attended, it seems the swimming is the most loved one, or at least most attended here in Värnamo.

The Simhall was full of people, both participants in the contest and public. Impressive!

Easy Basket inVarnamo

Easy Basket inVarnamo

When I was a kid I really wanted to be a basket player, a professional one. But somehow, all my efforts to become one didn’t give me the expected result. It was a haunting task to put that ball in the basket, even if I was second tallest in my class. Well, I’ve then discovered bicycles, computers and other interesting stuff to do in life than to try to put that damn ball into the basket.

But I loved to watch others playing the game, especially those damn good NBA players. 

So when my friend Jonutz called me to inform us about the Easy Basket cup taking place inVärnamo, I couldn’t say no and we’ve attended, even more because we knew his son was playing.

It was a superb atmosphere with lots of kids from different age groups and various cities in the region. They’ve played on 3 fields and what I loved most was that there was no official scoring.

Figure skating inVärnamo

Figure skating inVärnamo

A short story

When my eldest daughter was 4, she was attending ballet classes. She really loved it and the teacher told us she is really talented and should continue as much as possible with this activity. But we had to move from the capital city to a smaller town and she could not attend it anymore. It was our only regret for moving, but this is life.

Then she discovered piano, because she loved the classic music from ballet, and fell in love with it, and started to perform really well.

Since moving to Sweden (not more than 4 months ago) she learned from her school mates that she can attend figure skating classes at Apladalens KK – Konståkningskubb.

Then she told me there is a figure skating contest #inVärnamo she would love to see, and so we went to watch other girls of different ages perform.

She fell in love and told me:

One day I want to be like them!

DM Östra Götalands Konståkningsförbund


Unfortunatelly we couldn’t stay to the end of the show and I don’t have the final results. I have tried to check Apladalen’s Figure Skating club’s webpage, but it is not updated with the results.

Luckly I’ve posted some photos on Facebook (see the album for more photos and participants) and someone tagged Tifani, the winner of the contest and so I have discovered that my favourite of the day was also the winner.

Congrats Tifani Teszári!

contest winner Värnamo Figure Skating, January 2020