Blue tit in Appladalen, Värnamo

Birds are therapeutic for some

by Alin Popescu

I'm a creative that love to blend and tell the story as it happens without interfering and so, to create memories for people to cherish their entire lives.

February 13, 2020

I’ve started to photograph birds at the beginning of 2018, more as a hobby. Soon it became a method of meditation I might say, a way to clear my mind of daily issues and problems. An escape!

Watching them, getting to know how species behave, what they like to eat, what trees or lakes they prefer it’s something no one can tell you about, you have to live it and get sucked into it.

I’m totally hooked!

The best part is you’re surrounded by them here in Värnamo. You can take a walk in Appladalen, or drive your car to Store Mosse or to any of the hundreds of lakes and it’s impossible not to see at least one bird, no matter the weather 🙂

If you love birds as I do, there is a big amount of info on Värnamos Fågelklubb webpage. Pay them a visit!

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