100 portraits for “Värnamo 100 år”


This year Värnamo celebrates 100 years of existence and I’m going to photograph 100 people who, in one way or another, are connected to this city.

In this project I work together with Värnamo Kommun, Ditt Värnamo and Värnamo Näringsliv in order to show and highlight people from various backgrounds who all have different goals and dreams, but who all have something in common: they all converge to Värnamo.

People create the place

We want to capture these photos and share the amazing diversity of people that are here in Värnamo. We want to show who Värnamo is and the people that makes Värnamo what it is.

Photography will take place from morning to evening on the city streets, in the city centre, at workplaces or other common meeting places. So if you see someone with a camera, and the symbol of Värnamo 100 years on the jacket, that asks if you want to be photographed, then that’s me in action :).

Photos will be published on social media but not without your consent that you give by filing a simple form at the time you’re being photographed.

As a means of Thank You, you’ll receive your photo and you can use it as you wish.

What about the man behind the camera?

My name is Alin Popescu and together with my wife and our 3 children, we’ve just moved to Värnamo, not even 5 months ago, so I can look at the city with brand new eyes.

I’m a freelance photographer since 2003 and during my career I’ve managed to acomplish enough so I can look proudly back. I was a Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador for 5 years in a row, I’ve won many national and international photography contests at the same time beeing published in various acclaimed magazines.